Memorial Day Parade - Washington, DC

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Today I visited Washington, DC and like every memorial day there was a big parade going thought the the streets of the nation’s capitol. The parade was very much like any other parade, however I took some pictures of some things that made me laugh or I though were interesting. I want to share with you few of them.

In every parade there are riders on horses

But I wonder what did this poor solider did to be punished and get this job in the parade in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Among other who marched on the streets of DC you could meet Theodor Roosevelt

and even Abraham Lincoln.

Although this is the US memorial day several nations expressed their support

As you know marching bands from high-schools from all over the country participate in the parade, but what kind of school is that? it looks like a stripper school with that outfit

Take a look at the soldiers..they think the same…

If you want to look at some other pictures from that day you can do it here

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5 Responses to “Memorial Day Parade - Washington, DC”

  1. Abi Surd Says:

    I guess those clothes would be the last thing a stripper would wear.. how difficult would these tight clothes be to remove?

  2. free Says:

    Nice fotos

  3. cem Says:

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  4. Coupon Says:

    very nice pictures! I once visited D.C before but not in holiday. have very good impression in the central of D.C.

  5. kuna Says:

    PHOTO above what you comment ( stripper outfit ) was:

    Kuwaitis joined thousands of Americans in honoring fallen soldiers from the American Revolution to Operation Iraqi Freedom in the national memorial day parade in Washington.

    Kuwaiti children waved to spectators while passing on a float preceded by a group of students from the National Union of Kuwaiti Students carrying Kuwaiti and American flags.


    Thanks for posting & sharing these pic’s

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