Report: Google’s Android Full of Bugs

Filed under: — By Aviran Mordo @ 4:51 pm

Android has problems. That’s the word from developers, according to an article in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal. The article indicates that the early version of the software development kit is full of more bugs than one would expect.

“Functionality is not there, is poorly documented, or just doesn’t work,” the Journal quoted Seattle software engineer Adam MacBeth as saying. “It’s clearly not ready for prime time.” The Journal article added that “a sizeable number” of developers say Google has been “unresponsive.”

But the Journal also quoted another software engineer, Rick Genter, who told the newspaper that Android is no buggier than any other software tool at this stage. And, earlier this week, Gizmodo quoted an unnamed programmer as saying an Android prototype device was “light and fast” and “a lot more put together than Windows Mobile 5.”


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