Google Reader Begins Sharing Private Data

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One week ago Google Reader’s team decided to begin showing your private data to all your GMail contacts. No need to opt-in, no way to opt-out. Complaints haven’t been answered.

Some users share their problems, including one family who says they won’t be able to enjoy this Christmas because of this ‘feature.’ Will Google start doing this with all their products?

Using eBay to catch a truck thief

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On the morning of Nov. 17, Ben Adams found himself hiding beneath the retractable cover in the back of a Chevy TrailBlazer. The truck was parked in front of a warehouse in Duncanville, Texas. His friend “Sam,” the TrailBlazer’s owner, had just finished a test drive on a 1949 Chevy truck–the same truck Adams was certain had been stolen from him four months earlier.

Adams pulled out his mobile phone and dialed 911. “Please help me,” he said. “I’m at a warehouse. There are criminals all around me.”

The story of how a mild-mannered software developer from San Antonio, Texas, ended up running his own undercover sting operation against eBay fraudsters begins with a truck. And if the story has a lesson, it’s the one told on Adams’s blog: Don’t mess with Texas, especially if it involves a truck.

Biggest Israeli Cell Phone Provider Helps Satisfy A Country’s Craving

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If you think Americans have a lot of cell phones, consider this: Israel’s wireless penetration rate is 117%.

If that sounds impossible, well, that’s because people with more than one wireless device get double counted. Analysts estimate that about 80% of Israelis have at least one mobile phone.

The biggest share of this densely populated market belongs to Cellcom Israel (NYSE:CEL - News). Currently, it has about 3 million customers or about 34% of the total market. And it’s still growing.

Americans first got to know Cellcom in February when it came out on the NYSE. The stock priced at 20 and then cruised up to near 35 by December. It put on 40% in November alone when most of the U.S. market was tanking.

A Home Run?

Jefferies analyst Jonathan Schildkraut calls it a “home-run stock.”

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