Is a Digg rebellion in the works?

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After telling you all that Digg was the best social destination of 2007, the column made it onto the front page of the site. And while some comments echoed my sentiment–namely, that other social sites are, well, crap–the vast majority of commenters found a number of faults in Digg.

Although the general opinion of Digg faithful can’t be judged based on comments on one story, can it be said that there is a Digg revolt in the works that is led by a group of individuals who are fed up with Ron Paul stories, crazy videos, and a broken comment system?

If the comments on that story are to be believed, a revolt could happen.

As one commenter put, “I think Digg has been the social site that went downhill the most in 2007.” Is it true? Did Digg really go downhill in 2007? Obviously, I tend to disagree with this sentiment and I truly believe that Digg was the best social destination of the year. But why have so many disagreed?


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