Comcast to ramp up Internet speed, TV tech options

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In his keynote speech at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the first by a major cable chief at the annual trade and product show, Roberts says he’ll show “the two-way, fiber-optic-based network we built is ready for the next generation” of TV, phone and Internet products.

Comcast in 2008 will offer Internet speeds as fast as 160 megabits per second, up from its current top of 16 mbps. “We’re going to download a two hour-plus movie in high-definition in three minutes and 56 seconds,” he says. The price will depend on demand.

Yahoo mobile services to run on Google-based phones

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Yahoo Inc will create versions of its mobile Internet services to run on various phone platforms, potentially including Google’s phone software and the Apple iPhone, a top executive said on Monday.

Yahoo is ready to demonstrate its commitment to mix and match services of its own with those of rivals in a new, more open strategy, mobile chief Marco Boerries told a meeting on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Comcast unveils movie-TV hub Fancast.com

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Comcast Corp on Tuesday launched Fancast.com, a one-stop movie-television hub where viewers can watch more than 3,000 hours of TV shows, movie trailers and short videos, check show listings, and dive into a comprehensive actor database.

The Web site by the largest U.S. cable operator will also point fans to where they can watch any show, be it on television, online, On Demand, DVD or in theaters.

The site is the first to gather film and TV offerings scattered all over the Internet on such a large scale, thanks to agreements with content owners such as CBS Corp, Viacom Inc and Hulu.com, which is owned by NBC Universal and News Corp’s Fox Network.

Data partners include Amazon.com Inc’s IMDB, one of the Web’s most popular movie information sites.

Make HTTP POST Or GET Request From Java

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In this day of age where many applications need to communicate with web servers you need to make a simple HTTP call to the server. Usually There are two types of calls you’ll need to make an HTTP GET or HTTP POST.
There are many open source libraries to make http operations like Apache HttpClient. But if you don’t want to use a 3rd party library and want to write the code yourself you can do it without any problem.
So instead of blabbing words, here is a code sample of how you do it.


Sears accused of violating consumer fraud law

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Retailer Sears, Roebuck & Co has been hit with a lawsuit seeking class-action status that alleges a company Web site compromises customers’ private information.

The suit, filed last Friday in Circuit Court in Cook County, Illinois, states that the retailer’s managemyhome.com site allows users to view purchase histories of Sears customers by entering public information such as a name or street address, in violation of a state Consumer Fraud Act that forbids “unfair or deceptive” practices.

Matsushita’s Panasonic and Google to launch Internet TVs

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Web giant Google Inc is developing televisions that display Internet content such as photos and videos together with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd’s Panasonic unit.

The TVs, to be launched this spring, will allow users to directly browse and access videos from YouTube, a video-sharing Web site owned by Google, and view Picasa Web Albums, a free online photo-sharing service from Google, Panasonic said in a statement on Monday.

“Panasonic’s cooperation with YouTube and Google’s Picasa Web Albums exemplifies our commitment to leading the natural evolution of the Internet and extending it to the High Definition television,” Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company’s Vice President Merwan Mereby said in the statement.

Yahoo opens mobile Web platform

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After losing some of its luster on the personal computer, embattled Internet icon Yahoo Inc. is hoping to outshine Google and other rivals on the mobile phone.

In a move announced Monday, Yahoo opened its mobile platform so outside programmers can develop new applications for Yahoo pages accessed on mobile handsets. Yahoo hopes the mini-applications, known as “widgets,” will help attract more on-the-go users, which will bring the company more money from advertising.

The Sunnyvale-based company also unveiled a redesigned home page for mobile phones that includes more content and enables visitors to designate material they want highlighted.

And it released an upgrade to its “Go” software that is supposed to facilitate Web surfing on mobile phones and enable Yahoo to show ads with graphics.

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