Microsoft Warns of Excel Zero-Day Attack

Filed under: — By Aviran Mordo @ 4:53 am

Redmond activates its security response process after learning of a zero-day attack against a new, undocumented Excel spreadsheet vulnerability.

A new, undocumented vulnerability in Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program is being used to launch computer attacks against specific targets, according to a warning from the software maker.

The vulnerability, rated “extremely critical” by Secunia, is being exploited to load a keylogger Trojan on select targets, according to an anti-virus analyst tracking the latest attack.

The attackers are using booby-trapped Excel documents, sent by e-mail to the target’s mailbox. If a rigged .xls document is launched, the exploit happens silently in the background, infecting the machine with a Trojan downloader that opens a backdoor and waits for instructions from a server controlled by the attacker.


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