Yahoo Embraces OpenID 2.0 Spec

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Yahoo is moving in a big way to embrace the new OpenID 2.0 specification, which eliminates the need for Web surfers to create separate IDs and logins at each of the Web sites, blogs and profile pages that they may visit during an online session.

Beginning Jan. 30, Yahoo’s 248 million active registered users worldwide will be able to use a new beta test version of Yahoo ID to seamlessly sign in to hundreds of OpenID-compatible Web sites, the search engine giant said.

“Supporting OpenID gives our users the freedom to leverage their Yahoo ID both on and off the Yahoo network, reducing the number of usernames and passwords they need to remember and offering a single, trusted partner for managing their online identity,” said Ash Patel, Yahoo executive vice president of platforms and infrastructure.

Once a Yahoo registrant has enabled a login account for OpenID access, the user can tell any OpenID-enabled Web site or blog page that he or she is a Yahoo user. The user will be automatically sent back to Yahoo to enter his or her Yahoo login information. Upon completion, the user will be routed back, and signed in to, the original site.


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