IncrediMail says Google restores ad deal

Filed under: — By Aviran Mordo @ 1:34 am

Shares of Internet content company IncrediMail Ltd rose as much as 32 percent Tuesday, a day after it said Google Inc, its biggest customer, restored an advertising service partnership between the two firms.

“We have been reinstated and revenue is flowing back again,” Chief Executive Yaron Adler said by phone.

On January 11, IncrediMail said it got a notice from Google stating that the Web search giant decided to stop the partnership, which is called AdSense. Before Tuesday’s gains, IncrediMail’s stock had fallen about 30 percent since the news.

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company, whose main product is its namesake e-mail service, had said it was clarifying the matter with Google and was exploring alternative relationships with other vendors.

Adler declined to say why Google, which contributes about 40 percent to IncrediMail’s revenue, decided to reinstate the relationship, or why the AdSense partnership had been previously discontinued.


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