JBoss alumni launch open-source startup

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A startup founded by former JBoss developers will come out of stealth mode Monday to announce a new product designed to help businesses zero in on their best sales leads.

The startup, called LoopFuse, has developed a lead generation product that is offered as a paid on-demand service or as open-source software that can be downloaded for free and installed on-site.

The Atlanta-based company is entering a growing market where it will compete with several other small providers, along with established players like Eloqua, based in Toronto. LoopFuse hopes to distinguish itself with its open-source model, which it said will allow it to price its service lower than rivals’ services.

Lead generation products track the activities of potential customers on a company’s Web site and use factors like their job titles and activities on the site to assign “lead scores,” which help salespeople to target their efforts. The products work in tandem with customer relationship management software.

Kim Collins, a research vice president with Gartner, said interest in such products is growing in all industries. The challenge for new companies like LoopFuse — and for customers — is that many small companies are offering similar products, each with a slightly different twist.

“They each do things a bit differently and utilize different channels for [lead] generation and distribution (e.g., Web, sales, e-mail). Some focus more on workflow and process. Others focus more on analytics and scoring. It makes the vendors and their solutions hard to directly compare,” Collins said via e-mail.


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