Murdoch says won’t make all of online WSJ free

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News Corp Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch said on Thursday he would not make all online Wall Street Journal content free.

Dow Jones & Co has begun opening access to some previously paid-for items just weeks after the $5.6 billion buyout by News Corp. But Murdoch told a panel at the World Economic Forum annual meeting that there would still be limits.

“We’re sort of dividing it up. Those things that you can get more or less as a commodity on different sites about finance, that will certainly be free at the Wall Street Journal,” he said.

“The really specialized (material) giving the greatest insights, that will still be a subscription service.”

The new Web strategy marks one of the first tangible signs of how Murdoch is putting his imprint on the Wall Street Journal following the takeover, which triggered concerns in some quarters about the future of the newspaper.


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