CNN launches Web site for citizen journalists

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Since CNN embraced the citizen journalist movement in August 2006 with the launch of its iReport initiative, the news organization has received nearly 100,000 news-related photos and videos from viewers.

Yet fewer than 10% of those submissions have appeared on CNN.com or the cable channel.

That’s all about to change. CNN this week will enter YouTube territory with iReport.com, a new site built entirely on user-produced news. And unlike CNN’s own properties — where only iReport submissions that have been handpicked by editors and checked for accuracy ever make it online or on air — the new site will be wide open, allowing users to post whatever content they choose, CNN said.

The new site looks and feels much like YouTube and other video-centric destinations. Aspiring Anderson Coopers can upload videos, photos and audio files through an easy-to-use interface. Visitors to the site can search for specific clips or sift through various news categories, such as politics or weather. Users also can rate and share clips and even embed them on their own sites.


One Response to “CNN launches Web site for citizen journalists”

  1. Johah Says:

    Somehow, the idea that people will be able to post whatever content they choose sounds like a far-fetched idea. As for accuracy..hmm..what if articles are a little too accurate?

    Please forgive my pessimism here, but I’ve seen this before. The BBC claims to offer users the chance to submit their thoughts in a video or article..it’s akin to the corporation’s political debates, where people can say what they want..as long as it’s screened and picked apart first-hand so that it falls within the scope of the corporations mission statement.

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