Google Android SDK Hits Security Speed Bump

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Researchers find ways to exploit outdated and vulnerable open-source image processing libraries in the Google Android software development kit.

Google’s Android software development kit is using several outdated and vulnerable open-source image processing libraries, according to an alert from Core Security, a company that specializes in penetration-testing software.

In an advisory released Mar. 4, Core Security identified several exploitable heap overflows and integer overflows haunting Android, Google’s software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.

In all, Core Security lists eight different vulnerabilities identified in the Android SDK, which is currently in beta.

Microsoft Develops New Operating System From Scratch

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Microsoft showed off a new operating system on Tuesday, but don’t get too excited. Think of Singularity as “a concept-car OS,” said Rick Rashid, general director of Microsoft Research.

Microsoft is making the prototype OS available free to the academic and research communities in the hope that they’ll use it to develop new kinds of computer architectures. It’s difficult for the academic community to experiment with computer architectures, he said. Singularity is designed to make it easier for researchers to test how operating systems and applications interact with each other, he said. “It’s a new system built from the ground up, with the specific goal of being more reliable,” Rashid said. Microsoft hopes that Singularity will help improve software reliability and boost research in programming languages and tools. Singularity is available on Microsoft’s CodePlex Web site.

Jobs hid cancer diagnosis for 9 months

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That’s the question raised, but not exactly answered, by a Fortune profile of Apple CEO Steve Jobs released Tuesday, the day of Apple’s annual shareholder meeting. The story reveals that after learning he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer in October 2003, Jobs kept his diagnosis secret for nine months–outside a small group of confidantes–while he attempted to seek alternative methods of treatment for a tumor.

Samsung First to Ship 500GB Laptop Hard Drive

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Samsung Electronics is the first hard drive manufacturer to ship a 500GB 2.5-inch drive. Samsung announced its drive was shipping in volume to OEMs and PC makers today.

The 500GB drive marks a significant milestone in portable storage: On notebooks that support dual-hard drive configurations, a 500GB drive means you can have a whopping 1TB of storage in a laptop computer.
Competition to Market

Hitachi was the first company to announce a 500GB 2.5-inch hard drive, before the start of the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show. Samsung was the second to announce, also at the show; Fujitsu also recently announced its intention to offer a 500GB drive.

Italian man jailed for emailing nude photos of ex-lover

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An Italian man was jailed for more than two years for putting pornographic pictures of his ex-girlfriend on the Internet and sending them out in more than 15,000 emails.

The 32-year-old man had created a Web site that appeared to show his ex-girlfriend offering sexual favors and erotic games, with her phone number also on display.

The man, who also sent threatening text messages to the woman and her parents, was accused of aggravated defamation, threatening and violence.

International Child Porn Ring Uncovered

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After James Freeman was vetted and approved for membership in what police describe as a highly sophisticated child porn network, he expressed his appreciation by posting two folders online: one labeled “mild,” the other “wild.”

“All I can say is that they are worth the download,” wrote Freeman, 47, known in the global porn ring as “Mystikal,” according to court documents. “My thanks to you and all the others that together make this the greatest group of pedos ever to gather in one place.”

Freeman, of Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., was one of 12 Americans indicted last week in a worldwide investigation that ultimately charged 22 people with participating in the porn ring - and intentionally blocking police from investigating it.

In all, more than 400,000 pictures, video files and other images showing children engaged in sexual behavior were produced, advertised, traded and distributed globally in the online pornography ring, according to U.S. and international authorities. The sting, which started in Australia, also netted accused pornographers in England, Canada and Germany.

Some victims were as young as five years old. Others were preyed upon for innocent characteristics such as wearing their hair in pigtails.

Authorities won’t say how they eventually broke through several layers of encryption, background checks and other security measures the pornographers used to protect their online user group from being accessed. The porn ring was run like a business, FBI executive assistant director J. Stephen Tidwell said Tuesday, with the lewd images used as currency instead of cash.

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