TiVo To Let Viewers Buy Directry From Amazon

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TiVo will introduce a “product purchase” feature on Tuesday in partnership with the Internet retailer Amazon.com. Owners of TiVo video recorders will see, in TiVo’s various onscreen menus, links to buy products like CDs, DVDs and books that guests are promoting on talk shows like “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Late Show With David Letterman” and “The Daily Show.”

In the months ahead, TiVo plans to begin offering this feature to advertisers and programmers, so that the chance to buy products and have them delivered will be presented to viewers during commercials and even alongside product placements during live shows.

VMware to Offer Low-footprint ESX Hypervisor Free

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VMware Tuesday said it will offer the small-footprint version of its ESX virtualization software free, responding to pressure from Microsoft and other companies that are threatening VMware’s lead in the virtualization market.

The next version of ESXi, which will come in about two weeks, will be available at no cost, said VMware CEO Paul Maritz on a conference call Tuesday to discuss the company’s second-quarter earnings. ESXi is a basic hypervisor, which is technology that separates the OS from server hardware so multiple OSes can run virtually on one physical server.

Maritz said the move to make the already low-cost product free is part of VMware’s plan to make its virtualization and network infrastructure products “as freely available to everyone in the industry” as possible as it diversifies its products beyond merely enabling virtualization. A former Microsoft executive, Maritz replaced VMware cofounder and former CEO Diane Greene, who was ousted in a sudden move two weeks ago.

VMware is facing some of its toughest competition yet as Microsoft and other companies seek to commoditize the core virtualization technology on which VMware’s business was built by offering it as part of the OS.

Speaking about his “alma mater” Tuesday, Maritz called Microsoft a “formidable” competitor, but “not an invincible” one.

Internet television service Joost enters China

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Internet television service provider Joost said it launched a Chinese service Wednesday with local portal TOM Online to tap the world’s largest online market.

The company has also set up a joint venture with Hong Kong-listed TOM Group, parent of TOM Online, to bring a full Joost offering to China, Joost said in a statement posted on its website.

“There’s a great market opportunity in China: content producers who are making high-quality content, advertisers eager to reach consumers online, and an active online community,” said CEO Mike Volpi.

MySpace joins shared identity service OpenID

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News Corp’s MySpace Internet social network will join the OpenID alliance to begin letting its users take their online identity to other sites and social networks without having to register again.

The move comes after the network decided in May to let its estimated 115 million users globally share their MySpace profile information on some other sites.

OpenID is an open source alliance that, by letting users take one identity to multiple websites, aims to eliminate the need to create multiple user names and profiles.

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