Firefox finally passes IE6

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Web developers have waited for what seems like ages for this month to come along. Internet Explorer remains ahead of the rest of the competition, but since month after month it continues to lose ground to all other browsers, Firefox has now finally surpassed IE6, which is easily the most hated version of Microsoft’s browser. Firefox’s steady gain continues, Safari remains in a nonthreatening third place, Chrome is happily carving out a small niche for itself, and poor Opera can’t seem to budge from fifth place. In October, all browsers except for IE and Opera showed positive growth.

Google: You too could win millions in stock

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Google is once again dangling incentives before engineers.

The company threw open its doors Monday to the engineering community Monday, announcing that it granted a Founders’ Prize–”a multimillion-dollar stock bonus”–to the team that developed Google Chrome. “(The) future is shaped by small teams of creative people who want to make a difference. We’re on the hunt for these kind of people — let us know if you think you’re one of them,” wrote Alan Eustace, senior vice president for engineering and research at Google.

Hulu adds episode release schedule

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Hulu has debuted a long-requested feature–the ability to find out when new episodes of TV shows will be available to stream.

The video site, which is a joint venture of NBC, ABC, and Fox, calls the new feature Coming Soon. It went live Monday.

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