EU to grant USA nearly unlimited access to all EU banking data

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The EU justice and home affairs minister are about to agree on a large-scale banking data sharing plan with the United States. The agreement will have a massive impact on the privacy of banking data of European businesses and citizens.

It’s everything about SWIFT, a company that handles the bank transactions for thousands of bank, inluding most European banks. SWIFT is based in Belgium but has also a branch in the USA. Under the TFTP programme the US government forced the US branch (which mirrors all data based in Belgium) to allow government access to all these bank transactions in order to help anti-terrorism operations.

Office of Fair Trading drags Apple’s Ts & Cs into line

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Apple has agreed to alter its terms and conditions at the behest of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

The company has redrafted its Ts & Cs so that it now accepts liability for faulty or misdescribed goods sold from its website or the iTunes store.

The company has also agreed to make its terms consistent with the Distance Selling Regulations which, among other things, give consumers a seven-day “cooling-off” period in which to return any purchases for a full refund.

Apple must also ensure that its conditions are “drafted in plain or intelligible language” and that they “do not potentially allow changes to be made to products and prices after an agreement is made”.

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