Microsoft launches redesigned map search with apps

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The new version of Bing Maps, released Wednesday in a “beta” test mode, offers slicker technology so users can zoom in more smoothly from the high-up graphical map to the close-up views showing actual streets from a pedestrian or driver’s viewpoint.

With this version of Bing Maps, Microsoft matches Google Inc. in sending cars with cameras down streets to capture images of every block. Microsoft is offering that in 56 U.S. cities for now, while Google has hit all 50 states and expanded the feature overseas.

Microsoft also used lasers to scan the buildings and constructed a three-dimensional map of those cities.

Microsoft says some Windows PCs get `Black Screen’

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Microsoft Corp. says it’s not to blame for a problem that is causing a “limited” number of Windows computers to boot up to a blank black screen.

The problem is cropping up on computers running the new Windows 7 software as well as Windows XP and Vista.

Microsoft says its customer service department doesn’t consider the black screen problem a “broad customer issue.” It hasn’t identified the problem but says some malicious programs on the Internet are known to cause black screens.

A British security company called Prevx says 50,000 people have downloaded a tool it offers to fix the problem.

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