A Second GSM Cipher Falls

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A group of cryptographers has developed a new attack that has broken Kasumi, the encryption algorithm used to secure traffic on 3G GSM wireless networks. The technique enables them to recover a full key by using a tactic known as a related-hey attack, but experts say it is not the end of the world for Kasumi.

Kasumi, also known as A5/3, is the standard cipher used to encrypt communications on 3G GSM networks, and it’s a modified version of an older algorithm called Misty. The paper describing the new attack is not yet public

Google Nexus One phone parts cost $174: iSuppli | Reuters

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Google Inc’s new Nexus One smartphone, which retails for $529 without a service plan, is built from components that cost about $174, according to a research report.

But analysts said the big gap between the components’ costs and the phone’s price tag did not necessarily mean the Internet giant was making a hefty profit, since the retail price includes expenses such as licensing fees and marketing costs.

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