YouTube expands into movie rentals

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The Internet’s most popular video channel will make its debut as a rental outlet Friday to help promote some of the movies that will be shown at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

It’s part of a test that YouTube hopes will encourage more studios to rent movies through its site, eventually creating a new financial stream to supplement the Internet ads that bring in most of its revenue.

The first five films available to rent through YouTube will cost $3.99 for a 48-hour viewing period. Movie studios will be able to set their own prices, with rental viewing windows ranging from one to 90 days. YouTube will get an unspecified commission from each rental.

New York Times will charge for news on website

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The New York Times will make people pay for articles online starting next year, marking a big move by a prominent newspaper to find ways to survive on the Web as print subscriptions and advertising sales fall.

The New York Times Co said on Wednesday that it would use a “metered model,” charging readers for access after they read a certain number of articles in a month.

People who get the paper delivered at home would get free access to the website.

Microsoft seeks to replace Google on iPhone

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Apple Inc is talking with Microsoft Corp about making it the default search engine provider for the iPhone, replacing Google Inc.

If Apple displaces Google from its preferred status on the smartphone, it would be perhaps the clearest sign of the growing tension between two Silicon Valley icons, which were considered allies in a common cause against Microsoft.

Talks between Microsoft and Apple have been going on for weeks, the article said, citing two people familiar with the matter. Negotiations might not conclude quickly and might still fall apart, the article said.

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