Microsoft Terminated Us For Not Participating In An Orgy

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EIM, an Israeli software distributor is suing Microsoft for terminating their partnership after they refused to participate in a drug and sex party.

According to Globes(Hebrew), EIM, once one of the largest Microsoft distributor in Israel, claims that Microsoft sponsored a cruise for its Israeli and and Turkey distributors. On this cruise they claim there were women paid by Microsoft to have sex with the guests, activity that was encouraged by Microsoft stuff. Also in this alleged party Microsoft representatives encouraged participants to use what looked like illegal substance.

According to the claim, EIM’s personnel refused to participate in the drug and sex party which caused Microsoft to cancel their agreement and terminate their distributor license, which caused EIM a 50% loss in revenue.

Microsoft claims that the license termination was due to incorrect sales reports by EIM, and even called it fraud.

Microsoft refused to comment about the sex party allegation saying the claims are not worthy of a response.

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