Analyst at UGA arrested For Extortion Of File Shareres

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UGA police arrested the 37-year-old security analyst Monday on a felony extortion charge for trying to shake down a student who downloaded music in return for not turning her in to the UGA Office of Judicial Programs, according to university police.

UGA immediately fired him, police said.

Dehelean, who worked for UGA’s Enterprise Information Technology Services, called the student Jan. 25 to let her know that she’d been caught downloading copyrighted material - a violation of university policy - and “offered to make the situation go away in exchange for money,” UGA police Chief Jimmy Williamson said.

“All he was doing was (offering) to keep the information from going to Judicial Programs,” Williamson said, which could have leveled sanctions on the student ranging from a reprimand and suspension of computer privileges to probation.

The student told Dehelean she didn’t have the money and she told an official in her academic area, who in turn notified police.


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