Five Pervasive Myths About Older Software Developers

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Dave, a Java developer writes about the Myths About Older Software Developers.

Our field is ripe for age discrimination in so many ways. We value hot, new technologies, the ability to absorb them at unheard of rates, working insane hours to push products out the door–all things attributed to the younger workers of our field. And did I mention that younger workers are cheaper? A lot cheaper. But the trends of computer science degrees do not bode well for having a plethora of young, cheap workers at a manager’s disposal indefinitely. In fact, all data point to one conclusion: CS degrees enrollments have been declining or flat for almost a decade. And if anything, the candidate pool for hiring is getting worse, at least according to Jeff Atwood. You’re going to have to hire someone to write your next project, and with the backlash against outsourcing, who you gonna call, Egon?

If you’re thinking you’re going to avoid the “grey matter” of software development, think again. There are a number of myths about older software developers that continue to be perpetuated in IT and software development that somehow put older, experienced workers at a disadvantage in our field. But they’re largely crap and considering the degree trends, ignoring everyone 40 and over because we’re too old seems plain foolish. Let’s debunk these myths one-by-one.


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