Microsoft Confirms IE9 Won’t Come to XP

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When we previewed Internet Explorer’s new rendering engine this week we noted that the same features that made IE9’s hardware-acceleration possible probably aren’t compatible with Windows XP. Microsoft initially dodged giving a straight answer to the question of XP support but has since admitted that the new browser won’t be XP-compatible when it launches.

This has created a small tempest of protest from those users still using XP, but this is less of an arbitrary decision than some appear to think. It’s literally impossible to port Windows Vista/Win 7-style hardware acceleration backwards into XP. Microsoft would have to either develop a workaround from scratch or create a CPU-driven “software mode.” Using such a mode could easily max out a CPU and negatively impact system speed and battery life.


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  1. serdengecer Says:

    Thanks for this news. But i think xp is more than vista and seven. They have lots of error

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