“Father of Java” Resigns from Sun/Oracle

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James has been a Father for the Java community and a great innovator in the software industry. The final words appear on his blog:

Yes, indeed, the rumors are true: I resigned from Oracle a week ago (April 2nd). I apologize to everyone in St Petersburg who came to TechDays on Thursday expecting to hear from me. I really hated not being there. As to why I left, it’s difficult to answer: just about anything I could say that would be accurate and honest would do more harm than good. The hardest part is no longer being with all the great people I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, other than take some time off before I start job hunting.

Without a doubt, this has been an aftermath of the Sun-Oracle Merger, and he doesn’t seem to be happy with the level of freedom he had been getting lately. From what has been heard, he was not convinced with the Oracle’s strategies for the future of Java.

3D TV to face global test in soccer World Cup

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Hundreds of thousands of soccer fans are likely to get their first taste of live 3D viewing during this year’s World Cup, the vast majority of them in cinemas rather than at home, according to football body FIFA.

Together with partner Sony, FIFA plans to supply 25 World Cup matches in the immersive 3D technology made popular in cinemas by blockbuster movie Avatar and expected to spread to living rooms around the world this year.

Viewers with 3D television sets who live in a country where the broadcaster with World Cup rights also has 3D capabilities will also be able to watch live in 3D at home — if they are not put off by the need to wear special glasses.

Microsoft’s latest phone experiment

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Microsoft Corp will show off its latest mobile phones on Monday, but don’t expect a direct rival to the iPhone.

The world’s largest software company is trying a new tack in the hotly contested arena with its long-awaited “Project Pink” devices.

Unlike Apple’s popular device or Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, they are aiming at hyperactive teenagers who want multiple instant messaging accounts, e-mail, games, music and Facebook in a cool-looking package.

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