How to overclock your Droid for just 99 cents

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Have you ever wanted to overclock your rooted Droid X or Droid 2 but just couldn’t be bothered to decipher pages of detailed technical jargon?

Well, you may want to check out the DX/D2 Overclocker app which can be purchased for a sweet 99 cents.

The very reasonably priced app - which overclocks your phone on the fly - is also (eventually) slated to offer OC on boot, along with custom presets.

How to overclock your Droid for just 99 centsAlthough the above-mentioned overclocking app provides only a modest increase in speed, it should be noted that the folks over at Team DeFuse managed to (manually) rev the Droid X from a humble 1 GHz to a blazingly fast 2 GHz. 

Meanwhile, the Droid 2 was overclocked to a staggering 3 GHz from a base speed of just 1 GHz.


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