Google’s Consumer Electronics Show 2011 Reveals Honeycomb OS

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Google always has a lot going for it and new products coming out in 2011 showcase the Android operating system on myriad of products. The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had many new gadgets that showed a growing presence of Google in the consumer electronics industry.

What’s the buzz about Motorola’s Xoom?

The Motorola Xoom will debut the new Google Honeycomb operating system. The Xoom was named best tablet PC at the CES. Only a video preview was available according to PC Magazine. Honeycomb isn’t quite ready yet, which is why it didn’t have a demonstration model ready for the CES quite yet.

The product will be available sometime after the spring after Google perfects the new operating system

MS Looking Into Windows Phone 7’s ‘Excessive’ Data Use

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Microsoft has told BBC News that it is investigating why some handsets running its Windows Phone 7 software are sending and receiving “phantom data”.

Several net forums detail complaints from people that say their phones are automatically eating into their monthly data plans without their knowledge.

Some have complained that their phone sends “between 30 and 50MB of data” every day; an amount that would eat into a 1GB allowance in 20 days.

Ballmer: Kinect to support PCs in the future

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has promised that the company will support Kinect for PCs sometime in the future. This is news that should make Bill Gates a very happy man. The motion controller is currently only officially supported for the Xbox 360, although it has been hacked and tweaked to work on pretty much any platform that can be plugged into via a USB port.

IBM received nearly 23 patents per working day in 2010

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The US Patent and Trademark Office awarded IBM an average 16 patents per day in 2010, for a total 5,896. Second-ranked Samsung received 12.5 patents per day, or 4,551 for the year. Not be left out, Microsoft’s daily average was 8.5, or 3,094 per day. So, the three companies awarded the most patents, all from the tech sector, received 13,541 patents, or 37 per day. But wait! There are only 261 days in a typical working year, making the per-day totals for IBM, Samsung and Microsoft much higher: 22.6, 17.4 and 11.8, respectively.

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