Make Add-ons Work In Firefox 4

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Mozilla is soon to release a new version of the popular browser, Firefox 4, many add-ons will stop working. A big hurdle for people is switching to the new browser is that some plugins are not compatible with the new browser version. Luckily there are few workarounds to make old plugins work with Firefox 4

The first one is an extension called Add-on Compatibility Reporter After installing the Add-on Compatibility Reporter, your incompatible extensions will become enabled for you to test whether they still work with the version of Firefox or Thunderbird that you’re using. If you notice that one of your add-ons doesn’t seem to be working the same way it did in previous versions of the application, just open the Add-ons Manager and click Compatibility next to that add-on to send a report to Mozilla.

Another method is to simply add a new configuration to Firefox. Here is how its done:

In the address bar type: about:config
Right click on the setting page and select: New->Boolean
Type: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0 and set the value to false

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