Flash Website Creator Wix Raises $40 Million

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Israeli startup Wix, which allows users to build flash websites, has just raised $40 million in Series D funding led by Insight Venture Partners and DAG ventures, with Benchmark Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners and Mangrove Capital Partners participating in the round. This brings Wix’s total
funding to $61 million.

Founded in 2006, Wix provides a simple mechanism for anyone to create Flash-based websites. Users can customize their Wix websites with a drag and drop editing tool and pretty templates, making the site user-friendly for users who may not be tech savvy. The site makes its money from a freemium model where users pay for extra customization and design features.

Since I joined Wix as a Server Group Manager Wix has gone some major changes in development methodologies we are forming the state of the art development process which will let us do a very quick development cycle, building very advanced, cool frameworks and tools and trying to be one of the leading hi-tech companies in Israel.

My team consists of the best and brightest developers and although recruiting people for the core server team is very challenging since we only look for the best developers, it makes the working environment very challenging and productive where everybody of the developers has a major role in all aspects of the development process. (Now here comes the sales pitch) By the way I’m always looking for the brightest and best developers so if you think you are a Java guru you are welcome to submit your resume to (jobs at wix dot com) or send me a note.

So if you are looking for a free website builder check out Wix.com


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