March RSA Hack Hits Lockheed, Remote Systems Breached

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A March attack on RSA’s SecurID authentication service has possibly claimed its first big victim: Lockheed Martin.

According to a source speaking to Reuters, unknown hackers have broken into Lockheed Martin’s security systems by using duplicate SecurID tokens to spoof legitimate authentications into the network. These SecurID tokens are analogous to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Authenticators: Tiny little keyfobs that display an ever-changing code one must enter to log into a protected service.

Lockheed hasn’t issued comment on alleged breach itself, leading only to speculation as to what data, if any, those breaching the company’s network were able to acquire. But the plunder could be vast: Lockheed is the nation’s largest military contractor, and it undoubtedly has treasure troves of data about existing and future weapons systems as well as information related to the various cybersecurity services the company provides.


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  1. Jo Jo Fripps Says:

    I am so glad we decided to move away from RSA after the hack, the whole concealing of what had happened, what was stolen sat uneasy with me so we evaluated the market for a replacement.

    What we actually got was more of an upgrade than a replacement – http://bit.ly/llReKD not only COULD we use the RSA tokens we already have, but their replacement tokens are the lowest priced on the market, and one has a replaceable battery ! coupled with SMS, Twitter, Mobile phone, iPad, Grid, and more as OTP “soft” tokens and the deal was almost done.

    What sealed it ? the price, it was less than the renewal/support price on my RSA, !!

    YES, you read it right, I paid less that the renewal on my RSA to swap over to Deepnet DualShield and support is in the future 20% of that price (20% of my old RSA support renewal)

    I would really recommend taking a look.

    Jo Jo.

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