Oracle Announces Availability of Java SE 7

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Oracle announced the availability of Java Platform, Standard Edition 7 (Java SE 7), the first release of the Java platform under Oracle stewardship.
The Java SE 7 release is the result of industry-wide development involving open review, weekly builds and extensive collaboration between Oracle engineers and members of the worldwide Java ecosystem via the OpenJDK Community and the Java Community Process (JCP).
Java SE 7 delivers:

  • Language changes to help increase developer productivity and simplify common programming tasks by reducing the amount of code needed, clarifying syntax and making code easier to read. (JSR 334: Project Coin)
  • Improved support for dynamic languages (including: Ruby, Python and JavaScript), resulting in substantial performance increases on the JVM. (JSR 292: InvokeDynamic)
  • A new multicore-ready API that enables developers to more easily decompose problems into tasks that can then be executed in parallel across arbitrary numbers of processor cores. (JSR 166: Fork/Join Framework)
  • A comprehensive I/O interface for working with file systems that can access a wider array of file attributes and offer more information when errors occur. (JSR 203: NIO.2)
  • New networking and security features
  • Expanded support for internationalization, including Unicode 6.0 support
  • Updated versions of numerous libraries
  • Strong backward compatibility of Java SE 7 with previous versions of the platform preserves the skill sets of current Java software developers and protects Java technology investments.


Hackers attack South Korean sites; up to 35 mln users affected

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South Korea’ communications regulator said Thursday hackers from China had attacked an Internet portal and blogging site operated by SK Comms, accessing the personal information of up to 35 million users in what could be the country’s biggest cyber attack so far.

The incident follows a series of hacking incidents at South Korean financial firms in recent months, exposing the vulnerabilities of networks in the world’s most wired country.

The Korea Communications Commission said in a statement that hacking attacks Thursday morning targeted personal information including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, names and coded data of users of the Nate portal and Cyworld blogging sites, both operated by SK Comms.

Police are investigating the case and have yet to request the assistance of the Chinese authorities, an official at the commission said.

Nintendo cuts cost of 3DS by a third

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Nintendo has confirmed it will slash prices of the 3DS by a third next month and offer current owners 20 free games, so early adopters don’t end up feeling shortchanged.

The global trade price will reduce from 12 August to combat subdued interest, after Nintendo failed to meet initial sales targets.


Lawyer, Makes His Girlfriend Eat an iPhone

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A patent attorney stuffed an iPhone down his girlfriend’s throat during a spat in their posh Upper East Side home, authorities said yesterday.

Brian Anscomb, 37, force-fed the gizmo to his 23-year-old gal pal in their York Avenue apartment early Saturday, bruising and cutting her mouth, court papers say.

It wasn’t his first phone flipout — on July 10, he allegedly cracked her cellphone in half when she tried to call cops during a nasty squabble.


Apple Releases iOS 4.3.4, Prevents Hacking & Jailbreaking

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The main objective of this version is to prevent the hacking in Apple iOS devices which occurs through malicious pdf file. Another objective is to prevent the jailbreaking which occurs as a consequence of the previous effect.

In previous versions, the iOS device is easily vulnerable to attacks. It happens because of mishandling of fonts embedded in pdf file by iOS devices. It is quite common to download a pdf file through e-mail or web pages. Sometimes the downloaded file may be malicious and there is possibility that the file could inject malware into the iOS device — that gives a chance for the hackers to access the hardware of the iOS device.

iOS 4.3.4 has already been jail-breaked using RedsnOw and PwnageTool.

Read more: http://www.gizmocrazed.com/2011/07/apple-releases-ios-4-3-4-prevents-hacking-jailbreaking/#ixzz1SRzU7hdb

Android 3.2 official, coming to a tablet near you

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The latest version of Google’s Android operating system for tablets is official, which means the update will likely be arriving on a range of tablets in the near future.

Motorola has already begun to roll out the update on its Xoom tablet. Other tablet candidates for a 3.2 rollout include Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, Acer’s Iconia Tab 500, and Toshiba’s Thrive.


iPad Earns One Percent of Global Web Traffic

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iPad traffic is starting to get on the global Internet traffic map.

In fact, according to a report from NetMarketShare, Apple’s iPad makes up one percent of Web traffic worldwide and 2.1 percent of online traffic in the United States.

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