Steve Jobs passed away, 1955 – 2011

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Steven Paul Jobs, co-founder, chairman and former chief executive of Apple Inc., passed away Wednesday.

A visionary inventor and entrepreneur, it would be impossible to overstate Steve Jobs’ impact on technology and how we use it. Apple’s mercurial, mysterious leader did more than reshape his entire industry: he completely changed how we interact with technology. He made gadgets easy to use, gorgeous to behold and essential to own. He made things we absolutely wanted, long before we even knew we wanted them. Jobs’ utter dedication to how people think, touch, feel and interact with machines dictated even the smallest detail of the computers Apple built and the software it wrote.


Java one keynote - Live report from San Francisco

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Java one logo

This year I have the pleasure to attend the Java one convention and I’m currently present at the Java one first keynote.
There are literary hundreds of people here at the Hilton’s grans ballroom

Announcing NeBeans IDE 7.1 Beta

Announcing JavaFX Scene builder

Announcing JavaFX developer preview for MacOS X

Announcing JavaFX 2.0 general avilability - Download at javafx.com/download

Java 9 - Some thought about the future of Java 9
Selft tuning JVM
Improved native integration
Big Data
Tail calls/Continuation
Meta-Object Protocol
Resource Management

09:06 - Oracle announces a new product - NoSQL database. The Oracle NoSQL database is a scalable key-value scalable high performance system.

Oracle announces NoSQL database

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At the JavaOne convention Oracle announced a new NoSQL database system.

The NoSQL database is a key-value store. Later today Oracle will formally announce this new product

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