My New Samsung Galaxy S3 Saga

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Last week I got my new Galaxy S3 phone. Before getting this phone I was contemplating whether to get the HTC One X or the S3. While I like HTC very much (I have the HTC desire) I decided to try the Samsung S3.

So finally I got the new phone and after opening the phone and turning it on, I noticed that I have a defective screen. So I looked at the warranty card and found the number for the service provider. I called them and asked what to do. They told me to go to the main service location at a company called “C com Ltd“. So I drove there expecting to get a new phone instead of the defective one I got.

After waiting for the representative he told me that he can not give me a new phone, but I should leave my phone at the lab and they will replace the screen within two days.

Two days passed…Four days passed and I did not get a call from the lab telling me to pick up my phone. So I tried to call them and it took me two additional days get a hold of someone (they just don’t answer the phone nor returning a call after I filled the online contact form).

Eventually after waiting for 8 days I decided to drive over there and to pick up my phone. I reached the service station and the representative told me it is still not ready. I was very upset and I told the representative that in any other company I would get a new phone instead the defective one, and not have to wait for over a week to get a NEW phone fixed. He agreed with me, and made some phone calls to try to expedite the process and told me that they will deliver the phone to today to my office, but it is their policy and he can not give me a new phone to replace the bad one.

Needless to say no phone was delivered.

I think I’m done with Samsung. If this is their policy regarding defective phones, my next phone will not be Samsung. I know that if I had an iPhone and it was defected out of the box, I would get a new phone immediately instead of the defective one.

Now I have to point out that the phone is critical to my job and I need to be connected all the time, and they did not even give me a temporary replacement phone.

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