Apps That Help You Sleep & Still Be Available For Emergency.

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Whether you work in a high-tech company, law enforcement, health care or any other job that require you to be on call or available for emergencies you probably familiar with the dilemma of going to sleep with your smartphone turned on next to your bed.

In the middle of the night you get email alerts, annoying push notifications from games and apps installed on your phone or irritating text messages that are most likely not important enough for you to wake up at 2:00am, and can wait until the morning for you to read.

On the other hand you cannot turn off your phone because you do want to be available for emergency calls from your job (or your kids) and would like the phone to ring in order to wake you up.

I use two apps that in one hand keep my phone silent at times I want and on the other hand if someone important calls the phone “wakes up” and in turn wake me up from my beauty sleep.

Silent TimeThe first one is called Silent Time. Silent Time automatically silences your phone based on your weekly schedule. You can also add exceptions to let important callers through and use the Quick Quiet widget to silent it for whatever else might come up like meetings and movies.

My Vip CallThe second app is “My VIP Calls“.
“My VIP Calls” let you decide who can reach you even when you put your phone to silent/vibrate mode.
You can mark any number in your contact list as VIP (add to white list).
You can also check “Unknown” option to let unknown numbers to contact you.
Useful if you are expecting important call from unknown number.
Works with SMS messages too!
You can set sound volume and app will use this settings for ringing.

There are other alternatives apps that do similar things, but I use these two and very happy with them.


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