Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Wifi Problem [SOLVED]

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So I got a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is a pretty great gadget. I worked and installed all my favorite apps and everything was peachy.

At some point I got an OTN update to android 4.1.2 and ever since my Note 8 will not connect to my home wifi network. It will find all my neighbors wireless networks, but for some reason it will not find my own wifi SSID. Even when I stood less than one meter away from my wifi router it refused to find my network.

After browsing some forums some recommended to install wifi fixer apps, which I did (I had to use an access point while tethering from my phone), but it did not help.

Then another advice was to do a factory reset to the device, but still no change. It found all the surrounding networks, but not mine. I have to mention that all my other devices (laptops, phones, iPad and other wifi enable devices had no problems connecting to the network)

After almost giving up and sending the tablet to be fixed I went into the wifi router and looked at the settings. I remembered that few weeks ago I changed the default channel from being automatic to channel 13, in order to avoid collisions with the surrounding networks.
So in a last attempt I changed the channel to be auto and lo and behold my Galaxy Note 8 found my network.

I guess Samsung have some kind of weird bug that the wireless adapter will not work with channel 13. So now everything is good and I got back wireless connectivity on my Note. Too bad that I had to do a factory reset which caused me to lose everything I installed and configured for several hours.

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