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Current version: 1.0.5 Updated: 12-Jan-2009
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Digg this wordpress plugin is a plugin that detects incoming links from Digg.com to your wordpress post and automatically display a link back to the digg post, for people to digg your story.
When a digg is first recognized an email is sent to the site’s admin

The detection is based on the referrer URL, which has to come from digg.
In case there is more than one digg posts to your page, only the first one will be displayed.

How to install:
Copy Digg this plugin to wordpress plugin folder and activate it.

To use this, simply add <?php digg_this(); ?> or <?php digg_this_button(); ?> anywhere in your template (in “the loop“) you want to show the link back to digg.

VERY IMPORTANT: Since dugg stories are linked to a single post you also HAVE TO put the digg_this() function in your single.php template, otherwise it will not recognize incoming links

Digg vote button
If all you want is the digg vote box all you need to use is the <?php digg_this_button(); ?> function. However if you want to use text links or to customize the box you’ll need to use <?php digg_this(); ?> function.

digg_this() can display both text link to digg and digg’s vote box and it is very customizable.

The function has 6 optional parameters:
$before - The text you want to output before the link. This can any HTML text, for instance a <span> or <div> tags
$link_text - The text that will link back to digg. The default is “Digg this story”. (This can also be an image tag or any other valid html tags)
$after - The text to output after the link back to digg. For instance the closing tags from the $before text.
$ping - This is a ping attribute (string) inside the <a href…> tag. The ping will be added at the end of the post URL.
$show_what_is_this - This is a boolean which indicates whether to show a question mark after the digg this link, which explains why this link is created and link to this plugin page.
$use_digg_button - This is a boolean which determins if you want to display Digg’s vote button or just a text link. Default is false which means display text link.

<?php digg_this(); ?> will create a “Digg this story” link with a question mark which explains why this link is created and link to the plugin page.
<?php digg_this(”<p class=’digg’>”, “Digg this”, “<p>”); ?> will create a “Digg this” link like the previous example between <p> tags.
<?php digg_this(”<br/>”, “Digg this story”, “”, “ping”); ?> like before but adds a ping url to the digg link.
Note: if you are using url format such as yoursite.com?post=12 the ping string should be “&ping=SOMETHING”
<?php digg_this(”", “Digg this story”, “”, “ping”, false); ?> like the above but removes the ? link.
<?php digg_this_button(); ?> - Display the digg vote button

You may download this plugin for free (You can also make a small donation).
Please show your support by leaving the $show_what_is_this as true (you don’t have to but I will really appreciate it).

Download Digg this plugin

Also available: Reddit This Wordpress Plugin

If you still don’t understand how to install the plugin, or having trouble with the installation you might want to take a look here for a walkthru. (thanks John for pointing this)

Change log:

  • 0.2 - Remove Get Custom Field Values plugin dependency
  • 0.3 - Bug fix - Referrer sometimes ID other sites as digg.
    Add email notification to admin when a first digg is identify
    Bug fix - Referrer from digg search wrongly ID as a digg post
  • 0.4 - Add ping attribute to the URL for better tracking.
    Add Title attribute to the URL
    Add an explanation and a link back to this page after the digg this story url (optional)
  • 1.0 - Add support for digg’s vote button
  • 1.0.1 - Buf fix: Links from the upcoming page were recognized as story links
  • 1.0.2 - Security Fix - Check that the story on digg actually point to your post. This solves spoofed referrers and links from the comments that point to you and cause a digg button to be displayed
  • 1.0.3 - Minor fix that alows digg_this button to work on some shared servers (like Dreamhost) that block get_contents()
  • 1.0.4 - While validating digg’s real page white space has to be removed in order for the validation to work and identify the url from digg
  • 1.0.5 - Fix referrer validation after digg changed the HTML; I also added an option to turn off validation which will cause the plugin to work faster, however it will be less secure and susceptible to spam links. If you do not suffer from spam and want to be immune from future changes of digg code, edit digg-this.php, find


    and change it to


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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks! Works a charm!

  3. Paul Stamatiou Says:

    Whoa, great stuff!

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  5. Butch Says:

    Enabled the plugin and put the code in my template like so

    and on my blog page

    just shows up as text. I have also activated the plugin. I am a noob so be easy on me! This plugin looks very promising!

  6. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Butch, I can’t realy help you unless I see the template code.
    Open a thread in the forum and post a snippet of your template

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  8. financiering Says:

    Hi, I like your site! I enjoyed browsing it. Thanks. In Dutch we say dank-je-wel 4 thanks)) :-)

  9. hypotheken Says:

    Hi, I think you are totally right. Great! - :) Susan.

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  12. lal Says:

    And there are more digg tools here

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  15. Anders Says:

    I installed the plugin, activated it, and tried putting in my index.php in several areas, and it still doesn’t come up. Do I need to be dugg once before it’ll show up or am I missing something. I’m using wordpress 2.01.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Anders, You will only see the digg this link after you have been dugg. It detects incoming links from digg and then links back to the digg post.

  17. John Thomas Says:

    I use K2 for my wordpress theme. Where do I have to place the code?

  18. daniel Says:

    I am using JD-Wordpress plugin for Joomla and i cant seemed to get the digg to work.

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  21. George Says:

    Please tell the exact name for the file were I have to place

    I cannot find the template…


  22. George Says:

    I have missed digg_this() function name in the previous post.

    Please tell the exact name for the file were I have to place digg_this() function


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  28. blogaholic Says:

    So you’re a blogger? I’m a Blogaholic!

  29. lars koudal Says:

    Thank you for this excellent little plugin. I just made a post that was published on digg, and almost immediately after installing this plugin, the link worked like a charm. Good idea, thank you!

  30. bad breath Says:

    Your website is a great resource of information

  31. mindamp Says:

    Is this not wordpress 2.0 complaint? I installed the plugin, chmod’d it to just makes ure, added the php function call, and its not even showing up. I get nothing. Whats going on here?

  32. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You need to wait for someone to digg your post and enter your page from digg

  33. Links Says:

    Thanks for Work, good achievement :)

  34. Sarah Says:

    Digg have made some changes and now you need to edit line 21 and remove

    && substr_count($ref, “_”) > 0

    for it to work.

    One potential problem is if the primary digg is from your profile or some other page the digg will reflect that page. I don’t know what impact that will have but I’ll be watching closely.

  35. theTVaddict Says:

    I attempted to add the DIGG THIS plugin to my site. For some reason it’s not appearing. I added the plugin to the folder, and I also added the tag to the loop, yet nothing has appeared on my site. Are there any FAQ’s or idiots guide… i clearly don’t get it! thanks for the help

  36. Reid Says:

    Note that the article “mis-spells” the text you should paste into your PHP files. It adds a space between the “

  37. Return of the Whatzit » Blog Archive » WordPress diggImplementor Plugin Says:

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  38. arsgeek Says:

    I’ve just downloaded and set up this plugin, which looks like it would be wonderful!

    However It’s not doing anything. I’ve got a url/story that I posted on digg, and was dugg by another user. Still nothing shows up.

    My index.php (the portion where this plugin is located) looks as follows:

    ” class=”post”>

    Any suggestions? The plugin has also been activated through the wp-admin page.

    geek out.

  39. arsgeek Says:

    Argh… munged the index.php bit of that last post.

    Essentially, I’ve got the php digg_this_button bit right after the if (have_posts) and while (have_posts) bit - the start of the loop. Is this correct?


  40. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Yes, this is exactly the place where you should put it. Now all you need to do is wait for someone to enter your site from the post page, and the button will appear

  41. premium-mobile Says:

    thanks. it work!

  42. lil wyte Says:


    I installed Wordpress on my server, and set up a site. It’s a relly nice piece of software. However, I am missing a piece of functionality, and

    couldn’t find a suitable answer for it. Mayou you know a plugin I could use?I need to automatically inserts ads in my posts.And not AdSense ads, but rather HTML snippets defined by me (affiliate links, etc). Let’s say I would insert a tag in my post:
    – ad here –
    and the plugin would automatically replace it with some HTML code, when the post is displayed on my site.I really don’t need any fancy configuration options etc, just the basic replace functionality.
    Do you know a plugin that can handle this?

  43. arsgeek Says:

    Ahh… so it appeared today. And it not only appeared on the post that was dugg, but on every other post in the blog as well. So it’s working a little too well :)

    Any suggestions? I’m mucking about with different placement in the loop, but it seems that no matter where I put it, every single post reflects the same dig button of the one that was dugg.


  44. egon Says:

    Hi there. Great plugin, but I’m having a problem. It seems I have entered it in the loop where I want and it is displaying the lilnk just fine, but the problem is that the link is just linking back to the referrer page. Here is an excerpt of my code at where I am placing the link:

    <div class=”cathead”>Post Meta :</div>
    <div class=”cats”>
    <a href=”<?php trackback_url(); ?>” title=”Trackback this post”>Trackback</a><br />
    <a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” title=”The Permalink”>Permalink</a><br />
    <?php edit_post_link(’Edit’, ”, ”); ?><br />
    <a href=”<?php digg_this(”", “Digg this story”, “”, “ping”, false); ?>” title=”Digg This Story”>Digg This Story</a>

    I’m posting it with my other meta links, you can check it out by going here: http://www.automoblog.net. The links are on the left of each article. Could you please help out? Thanks :)

  45. Jimy Says:

    The necessary plugin (:
    It is established easily and perfectly works.
    Thank u so much!

  46. Dave3 DeTwo Says:

    Anyone have any luck getting this plug-in to work for Internet Explorer? It seems to work properly in FF, Safari, Omniweb, Opera, Camino, hell even in AOL, but IE seems to choke on it.

  47. Darren Says:

    nice plugin.

    My question is - on most posts it seems to work fine. But on a few it seems to link to another Digg Story.

    For example - check out this post and what story the digg actually diggs…. not anything on my page…. as I say - it works on some stories but on a few it does this.

  48. Karan Goyal Says:

    Just implemented it at http://www.iphotospace.com !! Great Plugin. Thanks

  49. erik Says:

    Thanks for this great Plugin! It works perfect at all of my blogs!

  50. Alex Says:

    I made a slight mod on this, adding an else clause to the main display. Basically if the story has not been dug it creates a url to submit a brand new dig for it and get the process started.

    } else { // No digg yet exists so give them a link to digg it $post = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT * FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE ID='$id' LIMIT 1"); $str = "post_title) . “&url=” . urlencode(get_permalink($id)) . “‘>Digg it“; echo $str; }

    Finess it how you wish for your next release!

  51. Blog » Blog Archive » VW Audi Tuning Says:

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  52. Leroy Brown Says:

    I installed the script, and I know a few of my articles have been Dugg, but nothing is appearing. I placed the code inside the loop, and nada. Running Wordpress 2.0.4 and PHP 5 if it matters.

  53. thanks Says:


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    In the field of computing, the term spyware refers to a broad category…

  55. PleaseSavePluto.Org Says:

    I have used your as well as and my post has been dugg, is there anything wrong. Please see code below.

    ” title=”Permalink”>

    post_excerpt != “”)? the_excerpt() : the_content(); ?>

    post_excerpt != “”) { ?>” class=”more”>Continue Reading

  56. Gene Steinberg Says:

    All right, I have made sure my home page has three articles that have been posted to Digg. I have followed the instructions here about removing line 21 in your plug-in, and it is apparently placed in the proper location on my template, I presume. I even tried adding that string from Alex about creating a URL to submit a Digg, though I’m not sure I placed it in the right line (you’re not clear about this in your instructions).

    So tell me why it still doesn’t work?

    I prefer e-mail, to gene @ macnightowl.com if possible.


  57. Gene Steinberg Says:

    This is an example of unclear instructions:

    “I made a slight mod on this, adding an else clause to the main display.”

    And what constitutes the main display? What line number?

    We are not all PHP experts here. We just want it to work.


  58. Aviran Mordo Says:

    VERY IMPORTANT: Since dugg stories are linked to a single post you also HAVE TO put the digg_this() function in your single.php template, otherwise it will not recognize incoming links

  59. Gene Steinberg Says:

    Aviran, that’s been done, though I don’t see a change yet. I even tested a return click and no results so far.

    I’ll keep you posted.


  60. Gene Steinberg Says:

    As of now, despite several diggs to the stories, it isn’t working.

    Please explain in clear, step-by-step English, what one needs to do next.

    As far as I can tell, I have updated both templates precisely as instructed.


  61. Gene Steinberg Says:

    Just FYI: The problem my Webmaster has with your plug-in and others offered for WordPress is that there is a total lack of proper instructional information on setups and use and dealing with problems.

    As an experienced author of over 30 books designed to explain technical matters to real people, I can tell you that this is an ongoing problem.

    My Webmaster, for example, who designed our WordPress site and several others, and has lots of experience and knows a little something about PHP says the same thing.

    The instructions are simply not designed for an audience consisting of people who speak regular English.

    I really want to use your plug-in. But you’ve got to provide better instructional materials, with specific step-by-steps.

    For example, if I use the optional code you provide, it blows our templates out of the water. If they don’t go there, where do they go?


  62. Gene Steinberg Says:

    I see, by the “sound” of silence, that nobody wants to answer :(


  63. Esbjorn Says:

    I concur with Gene. Why can’t anyone put together a complete example showing the entire “single.php” and any other files on how to make this work. Single comments here and there does not help unless you are a PHP wiz. I thought the entire purpose of these blogs were to help us out, not to confuse us more. I really appreciate all the hard work putting this plugin together, but as of right now you guys have caused me nothing but headaches. I am waiting for someone to help me out. Thank you all.

  64. Alex Says:

    Gene, my comment was never meant to explain anything to “real people.” This is avarin’s site, it was directed at him as a simple enhancement that he may want to include in future releases.

    I wouldn’t mind giving you a hand, just email me your single.tpl and I can check it for any errors. There’s really not much to that aspect of it though so your problem may be unrelated to the template. Feel free to contact me via email, alex a/t makesitgood.net and I’ll see what I can do to lend a hand.

  65. Flight Centre Says:

    Consider digging this: http://digg.com/offbeat_news/Flight_Centre_rips_off_its_customers

  66. masterslate.org Says:

    WordPress Plugin List…

    Often, I come across other blogs/websites built using WordPress. On a few occasions, I’ve seen a really cool or unique feature on their site which I want to have on mine. More often than not, the plugin is something freely and publicly available…

  67. Pat Yuen Says:

    This is the step-by-step instruction that you will need to implement this plugin. Includes sample code and detail instructions on where to find the file to edit and where in the file you need to enter the code.


  68. TN Says:

    This whole hack doesnt work correctly in IE. It works great in Firefox, But not in IE.

    When you click the “Digg It” link on the Digg button under IE. It will take you to a “Page cannot be displayed” link with “Javascript:null()” in the address bar.

    I have tested this on many other blogs (so its not just my install) and have asked a few friends to test as well. Everyone reports it as being broken.

  69. Pat Yuen Says:

    I just tested this with IE version 7.0.5450.4 Beta 3 and it works.

  70. yan Says:

    I have a problem with IE as well. “Page cannot be displayed?

  71. Alister Cameron Says:

    Just trying to understand the difference between this plugin and the plugin here: http://tech.cybernetnews.com/digg-button/.

    Does this plugin make that other one redundant in the sense that if you post to your blog, then setup a digg article on it, your plugin will do the rest? Whereas with the other plugin it only works one way (if you yourself setup the digg article).

    I hope I am making sense. I don’t want to install both plugins if in fact just one will do the job adequately.


    - Alister

  72. Aviran Mordo Says:

    This plugin works automatically. It automatically detects which posts are dugg and adds the digg button to them. The other one you have to add the digg button to each and every post manually.
    Another thing that this plugin does and the other does not, is that it lets you chose between a text link and a digg vote button, and also this plugin sends you an email alert every time a post has been dugg.

  73. Dean Says:

    I am getting an “Error Not Found” message where the Digg plug in should be. Can anyone assist?

  74. daedal Says:

    I’ve installed the plugin and placed the proper PHP tag in my single.php page, in the loop:

    Even when my posts are submitted to Digg, the button doesn’t show up. I don’t think I’ve missed anything. Any ideas?

  75. Arun Says:

    I added

    to single.php file within the while loop. I don’t see any digg this or reddit this button. Can anyone help?

  76. Arun Says:

    I think the comment removed the php code. I added the following lines in single.php.
    ” ”
    ” “

  77. Arun Says:

    oh! man. I’m trying again. I removed the php reference. I added those 2 lines in single.php.

  78. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You need to wait until users enter your post from digg in order for the plugin to recognize the dugg post

  79. dvg Says:

    Hey Aviran,
    I’ve installed the plugin and it’s working … almost. Everything is cool except the “digg this” part of the iframe seems to have a javascript problem. You can check it out at http://www.davidgagne.net/?p=6179

    Do you have any idea what the problem is?

    Aside from that, though, AWESOME plugin!

  80. Arun Says:

    Won’t it show a digg it button under each post?

  81. Aviran Mordo Says:

    It will show the digg this button only on posts that have been dugg

  82. smokey Says:

    Great plugin! Thank you very much.

    The issue o0f the button not showing up until a post is dugg seems to be a chicken and egg issue.

    Would it be possible to default to a “blank” (ie. 0 diggs / be the first to digg this) digg this button if there are currently 0 diggs?

    Cheers, and thanks for the work!


  83. Chad Says:

    I inputted this (sample below) in single.php, index.php, page.php and still does not show up

  84. Chad Says:

  85. Chad Says:



  86. Things That ... Make You Go Hmm Says:

    How to add a dynamic digg vote this button, show related posts and more using Wordpress…

    Regular readers through the website might have noticed a few changes recently at the site. Recently, I added a couple additional Wordpress plugins to the site with some minor custom configuration and also integrated an AJAX-style Google search option o…

  87. Stefanos Says:

    Same page. Some buttons work and some buttons do not work:
    (ERROR: Not found)
    Any ideas?

  88. Justin Silverton Says:

    Thanks for this plugin. I am going to install it on my blog in the next couple of days!

  89. wizardgold Says:

    I have a few templates in there that can be edited and I really don’t know which one I should put the code into. Or for that matter where the loop is

    sorry for being a newbie

    here is a list of the files ……

    ‘Cutline’ theme files
    404 Template
    Main Index Template
    Page Template
    Search Results
    Single Post

  90. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You should put it in Single Post.

    The loop:

    if (have_posts()) :
    while (have_posts()) :



  91. Mark Says:

    Great plugin. I noticed one little problem that may have already been brought to your attention. I added a post of mine to Digg and clicked the link to get the Digg This button on my site. When I clicked the link, I clicked it from the Digg Upcoming page rather than the actual Digg Post page. This caused the referrer to be the upcoming page which is invalid for a Digg This button. I had to edit the URL in my DB to point to the specific Digg URL, not the upcoming URL.

  92. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Bug fixed,

    thank you Mark

  93. Ben Wann Says:

    Hey Thanks for making this!

  94. Bihlman Consulting Says:

    This is a fantastic plugin that integrates seemlessly to my blog! Karma added!

  95. Eric Skiff Says:

    For everyone struggling with the “digg this” button not showing up, this plugin is EXTREMELY PARTICULAR about what page on digg the link comes from.

    You MUST find your digg story by going to the category you posted it in and clicking on it among the live digg stories. Searching for your story or finding it among your profile stories doesn’t seem to work. Once you do that (and if you follow the instructions, like the detailed ones here), the digg this button will appear.

  96. ElectroGeek Says:

    Great plugin but I am having trouble witha few posts displaying the message “ERROR Not Found” This appears to be a problem with the plugin not identifying the incoming link from Digg. This is the URL that is affected:

    If you could have a look that would be great! Regards, ElectroGeek

  97. ElectroGeek Says:

    I took the advice of Mark from comment 91. (http://www.allthingsmarked.com/) and edited my DB as well to correct the issue. I guess the plugin detected the wrong URL from Digg which caused the ERROR message. I did install the updated plugin code today so we’ll see if the issue repeats itself. At least now I know how to resolve the issue if it happens again. Thanks Mark.

  98. Aviran Mordo Says:

    The latest version (1.0.1) should fix this problem

  99. Dan M Says:

    What if you don’t have a single.php file?

  100. Vlad Says:

    I have installed your plugin, unfortunately it only shows the “digg button” whenever a story from my website is submitted to Digg, I am looking for something that would allow you to submit the story to Digg as well. I wrote simple snippet of code that will allow you to do just that. Check this out http://www.volodymyrzablotskyy.com/wordpress-digg/

    What do you think?

  101. Aviran Mordo Says:

    @ Dan M - Just copy the default single.php to your template folder and modify it.

  102. Ian Says:

    I am using the TRIPLEK2 theme and would like to know where to place these in the loop. I am a bit confused from the reads as to where they get placed.

  103. Jon Says:

    I have added the template code to my site for every single post. The problem is that someone recently dugg an entire category of my blog. Now every post in that category has the digg link on it. Check this out.. http://www.birdseyetourist.com/?cat=35
    Any ideas?

    Thank you.

  104. zovall Says:

    Anyone able to get this to work in IE? When people click on the “Digg It” link in IE, nothing happens. The functionality works perfect when viewed in Firefox.

  105. danfef Says:


    I love hte idea for the plugin.. but its not working for me.

    I am pretty familiar with where to palce things inside the loop. I have activated the plugin, and tried placing it in multiple places inside the loop on the main index and single post page.. and even when people digg my post, nothing shows up.

    can you give me a hand pleasE?

  106. Life Coach Says:

    Fantastic, easy-to-install and -use plugin. Thank you very much!

  107. Pronet Advertising Says:

    Beginner’s Guide to Digg…

    If you have ever felt like you had to dig around the Internet for good content, you might want to look at something called Digg ([digg.com](http://www.digg.com)). Digg is a site that will help you avoid the process of digging and instead, get exactly w…

  108. David Kaplan Says:

    I’m having a little trouble adding the code to the single.php file. Here is the complete code in the file…

    Where would I add the code to display a Digg button?


  109. Trilogist Says:

    Great plugin! I found this via the 43folders website, which is using this. I’ve added the code to index.php “in the loop”. My question is, how do I style the button so that content “word-wraps” around it? I am not completely familiar with CSS, so any ideas would be welcome. In particular, how the style will know whether it is a diggthis or a diggbutton. I can them on the stylesheet, but how?

  110. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Well fist of all you need to put it in the single.php for it to work properly.
    As for style if you are using the digg_this function you can use the $before and $after parameters to put an enclosing DIV tag, which you then use your CSS to style anyway you want.

  111. Simon Says:


    I am sory - it is not workling with Semiologic 4.1. I Tryed everything, but without anything. There is no Button :(

    Any help for me?



  112. George Says:

    I must be an idiot! I’ve inserted the code in the If Loop on the single.php page as this and that SHOULD work according to the documentation but I can’t get it to work. This works but I want the button. Right now I get an ERROR Not Found.

  113. KOF Says:

    thanks alot working fine.


  114. Chris Says:

    What if you do not have a single.php file. Where do you put it in the code?

  115. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You always have one. just copy the default single.php to your theme folder and make the changes. If you don’t have single.php in your theme folder then Wordpress just uses the default one

  116. klaus Says:

    I can’t seem to have it installed also. Have checked all the info available…I have put code on single.php, page.php and index.php (on the loop) I am using this template http://www.i-jeriko.de/2006/05/07/wordpress-theme-wpjeriko01/

    Thanks for any help,

  117. Don Lapre Lover Says:

    Hey thanks for the updated and infor from your posts.

    Don Lapre Lover

  118. Mickey Says:

    Is it possible to have it site within the content text.

    As if it’s an image aligned left?

  119. Mickey Says:

    How can I get it to look like this:

  120. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Yes, all you need to do is wrap it in a DIV tag and use CSS to position it anywhere you want

  121. Mickey Says:

    Thanks Aviran, but I’m still having trouble…

    Here it is on my page:

    My template for content looks like this:

    If I have the css giving it a 20px left margin, but it inserts itself under the content OR if I move the “digg_this_button” above “the_content” it will display above all text and images.

    Any suggestions, thanks so much!

  122. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Sorry mate, I’m no CSS expert, I’ve seen it done, but I can’t recall where and how/

  123. Nomar Says:

    your plugin works fine !! Thanks alot for this !!

  124. Mickey Says:

    I’m having a small problem.

    A long time ago, I submitted my root site: wiinintendo.net to digg, now I think because of that for some reason every article that I HAVE NOT submitted to Digg gets a Digg This button anyway with a link to that original Digg submission, very weird…

    You can see it here

    All of the Diggs that are at 14 are for the same Digg post….????

    Any work around/advice?


  125. Aviran Mordo Says:

    try to delete the DiggURL extra field from your wordpress database

  126. Hypervre Says:

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  127. Mickey Says:

    Thanks Aviran,
    but do you mean via PHPmyAdmin? Or some WP PHP file?

    Thanks again, you’ve been most helpful.

  128. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You can do it with PHPmyAdmin. And also I suggest that you remove the digg_this() from your main page, leave it only on single.php

  129. Mickey Says:

    gotcha. the only problem is that the theme I’m using doesn’t have a single.php it has it all in the index.php….

    Am I out of luck?

  130. Aviran Mordo Says:

    No you are not out of luck.

    If the theme you are using does not have single.php, WP will use the default one. So all you need to do is just copy the default single.php to your theme folder and make the changes there

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    It seems to work pretty well so far, so again - thanks!

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    Took some time for me to get the text wrap around the button, though.

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    Great Plugin,
    Just got mine working now!
    See the Digg working!
    Only took a little bit of fiddling, but was ok! Works great with the Notable plugin aswell!


  144. thisblows Says:

    Has anyone gotten this to work on page.php?

  145. Monika Says:

    Sounds great, I am going to try it on my blogs and let you know how it goes.

  146. Chrisitne Says:

    The dug button is not hsowing up. It’s giving an error.

  147. thisblows Says:

    oh it does work on page.php as long as you click the right link on digg.. oops!

  148. globalwarming awareness2007 Says:

    I can’t get this to work on my site. I’m using the cutline theme and I’ve tried adding the code into a dozen different places and it won’t come up. Below is some code from the page.

    · #comments”>

    Read the rest of this entry »’); ?>

  149. globalwarming awareness2007 Says:

    ok so trying to add the code didn’t work. All I know is that it’s in the loop on the single and index pages inside my template.

  150. Matt Huggins Says:

    I have a story that was dugg prior to installing the Digg This WP plugin. Is there a way I can get the Digg link to display in my blog post even though the post was already dugg in the past?

  151. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Yes you can. Just edit your post, goto the Custom Fields Section. Create a CustomField called DiggUrl and in the value put the url of your post on digg (http://www.digg.com/…)

  152. Matt Huggins Says:

    @Aviran - Perfect, thank you so much!

  153. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t get this to work, nor do I have a single.php in my template. When I put in the tag nothing comes up.

  154. Alan Says:

    great plugin ! worked like a charm for me on a couple of sites

  155. gaman Says:

    It works if I use the text version but shows “Error Not found” when I use the button version. How can I correct this?

  156. Aviran Mordo Says:

    The Error Not Found is coming from Digg. The plugin has no control over that.

  157. WebTVWire Says:

    Its not working when stories are submitted to the video category.


    Cool beans

  159. thisblows Says:

    does this work with wordpress 2.1?

  160. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Not tested on 2.1, but I do not expect any problems with 2.1, since no change in the architecture was made

  161. thisblows Says:

    Ok, I’m upgrading tonight, I’ll report my findings! thanks!

  162. thisblows Says:

    As you expected, don’t see any issues thus far… Thanks again for the plugin.

  163. Charles Says:

    If we put it in the single.php doesnt that mean the digg button will never show up on the index page and instead only on the full post page?

  164. Charles Says:

    What I mean is how does this site show the digg button on both the index and single page? http://www.orbitcast.com/archives/digg-for-radio.html

  165. Aviran Mordo Says:

    If you want the button to show up in your index page, then you need to add the code also in the index page.

  166. Josh Says:

    The plugin has been working fine for months now and it displays past diggs without a problem, but it doesn’t seem to be automatically recognizing new diggs. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

  167. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Did you install any new plugins? Sometime other plugins interfere with the normal operation of Digg this. One known plugin that causes problems is the WPCache, which loads cached pages and because of that the digg this plugin is not executed if a page is cached

  168. internet sales training guide Says:

    I agree. This helped me a great deal and I recommend it to anyone.

  169. oe Says:

    I can not seem to get this to work. Everything looks like it is in the right place.

  170. Josh Says:

    Aviran: Nope, no new plugins. I actually uninstalled WPCache recently.

    Is there a way to force it to recognize? Like pass a variable in the URL to the blog post to make it show?

  171. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You might have a problem with your host server, which does not allow the plugin to validate the referrer. You can however manually add the digg button to posts by adding a Custom Field with the Key DiggUrl and the value of the url on digg where your post is. This will “make” the button to think that is was validated

  172. The Reviewer Says:

    I got it to work, by adding the custom field, but it is at the top. I would like it to push to the right on the very top of my post, in the wording, is there a way to do this?

  173. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You can with a stylesheet (CSS) or use the before and after parameters and add

    in the before and

    in the after parameter

  174. fall-line Says:

    I too have the problem where my old dugg posts have the button showing up just fine, but new posts are not recognized even after being dugg multiple times.

    I was able to force one of them to recognize the diggs and create the button by adding the custom-field as you described above. I wanted to let you know I’m seeing the same problem as the other user however in case there is something that needs to be modified in the plugin. Obviously it’s not practical to work to manually add the custom field for every post what gets dugg.

    I’m not sure precisely when it stopped working, but I would imaging that the latest Digg update and the WP 2.1 release have both happened since the last time I noticed it working.

    Thanks for the great plugin!!


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    I download and activated the plugin, and modified the index.php to include the digg_this() call.
    I don’t see any file named single.php file in my template.

    Can you provide some insight what needs to be done in order to make the plugin work?

    Thanks in advance,

  182. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Just copy the default single.php to your template folder and modify it.

  183. Michael Kwan Says:

    I’m having trouble getting the digg this button to display on my blog. I’ve put it in the main index template as well as the single.php and it’s still not showing despite have the entry dugg and re-linked back.

    This is the entry in question:

    And here is its digg:

  184. Aviran Mordo Says:

    You might have other plugins that prevent this plugin from working correctly, such as WP-Cache

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  186. Chris Says:

    The digg buttons are no longer linking on my site. In other words its just a button but no link. While old ones are working fine.

    Any Ideas?

  187. Chris Says:

    I figured it out - Just needed some CSS tweaking as it was appearing behin another div

  188. Blogger Tools Says:


    For some reasone the download won’t start

    How come I get to see a page from an url that ends in .zip ?
    oh man damn this. I really want to have this plugin

  189. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Oops, sorry about that. I just moved to a new server so there are some configuration issues. It should work now.

    Thanks for letting me know

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  195. DarkAngelBGE Says:

    Dude nothing shows up for me… do I have to set a link to digg in my meta tags (it seems like it from the source code of the plugin)?

  196. Aviran Mordo Says:

    No you do not have to set up anything (except to put the digg_this() function in your template). You need to wait until your post will be dugg and people start coming to your post via digg, only then you’ll see the digg button.

  197. joshua Says:

    thanks for the plugin! any cool peeps out there that can come over and digg-test our site? url: http://www.insanelyiphone.com we are wanting to see if aviran’s plug work on our page. :)

    thanks/ gracias/ peace, joshua

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    downloaded your plugin …
    tried to activate it …
    but cant find it inside wordpress …
    i’ll try a bit harder and if it doesnt work will let you know …
    its a great plugin for those who has it working …

  199. Ed Says:

    This plugin doesn’t seem to be working for me. Does anybody know what I should do for this template?

    I activated the plugin and pasted into the main template. What did I miss?

    My template doesn’t have single.php. What do I do?

  200. Aviran Mordo Says:

    you need to create one or use the default single.php. read the previous comments or this guide

  201. Dave3 Says:

    Hi Aviran,

    You plug-in looks great! I don’t actually want a digg box on my posts, but I would like to be aware of when someone submits any of my posts to digg. is there a way to just have the site’s admin notified via email when an incoming digg link is detected?

    Thanks in advance,

  202. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Dave3 the answer is yes and no. The plugin always display something, be it the dig box or just text. Having said that you can display a space as your digg text this way it will not show on your page. So you might use something like this:
    < ?php digg_this(”<div class=’digg’>”, “ ”, “</div>”); ?>
    Note the second argument is space. You can also hide the space if you use a stylesheet to hide the “digg” class

  203. Dusty Says:

    OK. I have wordpress and I am using the K2 theme. It has the loop file. I added the to both the loop and the single.php file. I have two stories that have been posted to digg and I have visited my blog from digg to try get the button to show up…. nothing. anyone get this working with K2? any suggestions?

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  206. Pat Says:

    Hi ,

    I have recently installed Digg This for my blog.

    Just wondering anyone know how to style it?

    I want the icon to be on the left where the paragraph begins with text wrapping around it.

    How do I style this?

    Can anyone show me their code?


  207. Pat Says:


    One more question.

    Any way that I can add nofollow to the plugin?


  208. Aviran Mordo Says:

    <div class=”digg”>< ?php digg_this_button(); ?></div>
    just wrap the function in a div tag and use a css to style it.

  209. Pat Says:

    well, doesn’t seem to be working

    see here:


    Maybe need to use parameter?


    Thanks, Aviran .

  210. Pat Says:

    it shows

    as a text on the page.

  211. Pat Says:

    Any way I can nofollow this digg button, Aviran?

  212. Aviran Mordo Says:

    not unless you change the plugin’s code

  213. Bath and body Says:

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  214. Rob Says:

    Thanks for the great plugin but its causing xhtml validation to fail.

  215. Sad and Angry Girl Says:

    Can’t someone, after all this time, PLEASE just post the EXACT code, complete with the WHOLE loop? I have tried putting everything I can think of in every location I can think of in both my single.php and my main index file and it won’t work! Assume I am 5 years old and I don’t even know what PHP IS, please, and tell me how and where to put this?

    I have put into the “loop” in every conceivable location in the single.php and main index files and it just does not work. I feel like a complete moron, but I’m not! I can handle graphics, HTML, and even 3D rendering just fine, but the instruction here were meant for programmers, not bloggers! :(

  216. Aviran Mordo Says:

    Here is a walk through http://blog.patyuen.com/lessons/howto_install_diggthis_plugin/

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    Hello Aviran. Thanks so much for writing this plugin, and offering it to wordpress users. I am using Wordpres 2.2

    A question please:

    I put this code:

    In my Main Index Template, and in my singlepost.php area. I placed it below the

    Is this correct? If so, should I now look for a Digg This button at the bottom of new posts? Thanks for any replies.

  223. Tristan L. Sullivan Says:

    Ouch. It didn’t post my code for me. Let me try writing it out:

  224. Tristan L. Sullivan Says:

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    I put

    then I put the digg this code

    and I closed the span


  276. Talina Says:

    Ugh, well that didn’t display right… Lets try again… I am removing the to make this display… put a inplace of the [ and ]

    After my [div class=”entry”]
    I put [span style=”float: left; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 7px;”]
    then I put [?php digg_this_button();?]
    and closed the span

  277. Talina Says:

    Ugh, well that didn’t display right… Lets try again… I am removing the to make this display… put a in place of the [ and ]

    After my [div class=”entry”]
    I put [span style=”float: left; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 7px;”]
    then I put [?php digg_this_button();?]
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  303. ödev indir Says:

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    Anders, You will only see the digg this link after you have been dugg. It detects incoming links from digg and then links back to the digg post

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