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Investing in Engineering Culture Attracts Engineer

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

I have been a software engineer for most of my life but until I joined Wix I had not worked in a place that put engineering as a core value. In Wix I had the opportunity to change that and one of my main goals was to create a great engineering team and a company with great engineering culture. One of the reasons I took upon myself this task was selfish, I wanted to work at a place that I will be happy to come to work every day, to be challenged and a place that software engineers can be proud of their profession.

Another task that I had ever since I joined Wix, was to grow the engineering teams and bring on more developers. This was in perfect alignment to my own agenda since I believe that in order to attract the best software engineers we had to create a great engineering culture, promote it, share our knowledge with the community and by doing so to be more attractive and competitive to attract talented engineers.

Operating in a highly competitive area with many startups and deep pockets companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft the options for good software engineers are endless. The best way to attract talent is not by offering extra high salary since we would always lose to larger and more established companies like Google or Microsoft which can always outbid anything we can offer. Having a great engineering culture, giving back to the community and taking care of our employees is a great way to compete and attract professionals.

In any case this has been my theory and now for the second year I can say it is working pretty good for us.

Looking at Google trends I have compared search keywords for people who are looking for a job at the leading companies here in Israel. Comparing "wix jobs" to "google jobs" and



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