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Speaking @QCon London 2014 - Wix's architecture at scale

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Today I have a special treat for all the readers. I will be speaking at QCon London 2014 about Wix's architecture at scale, which I highly recommend (-:

Here is the talk abstract:

"When over 40M users host their website on Wix we need to handle both large scale traffic, lots of data and also to be highly available (after all we can't let 40M websites to have down-time). At Wix we handle over 700M HTTP requests per day to serve and edit websites. In this talk I will go over Wix’s architecture, how we evolved our system to be highly available even at the worst case scenarios when everything can break, how we built a self-healing eventual consistency system for website data distribution and will show some of the patterns we use that helps us render lots of websites while maintaining a relatively low number of servers."

Hope to see you there.

If you plan to attend QCon London 2014 I also have a promotion code. Just enter MORD100 in the registration form and get £100 off.



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